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This aerospace business is a research and analysis services provider that specializes in the design, analysis, and integration, including testing of guidance, navigation, and control (GN&C) systems for aircraft applications. Rendevous, proximity operations, and the capturing of in-flight space flight phases, such as automated rendezvous and docking, are the focus of current research and development efforts. The organization has vast expertise in both crewed and uncrewed spacecraft, including automated and manual flight design, with a strong heavy focus on safety and mission success as the primary goals.

Architecture & Engineering

This structural engineering firm employs the most advanced engineering techniques and processes. Their expertise is in performing intense studies and analyses of structural components utilizing technologies such as radar, lasers, acoustics, pulse velocity or impact, fiber optics, x-ray, ultrasonics, and a variety of monitors for cracks, tilts, winds and environments for extensometers and large scale movements. In addition, the firm is increasingly embracing concepts of sustainability and “green” construction techniques and processes.

Blockchain Development

Investment and speculation are the main drivers for the extremely high valuations of various cryptocurrencies. Since the infancy of the cryptocurrency industry, there have been numerous efforts to replicate the success that algorithmic trading has offered investors in the traditional world of publicly traded securities. Development of these platforms and the algorithms that drive them are another highly-qualifying R&D activity with regard to the R&D tax credit. This includes developing automated trading and risk management platforms, developing performance-testing environments with real-time data feeds, data connections to existing exchanges, developing front-end experiences to deliver functionality to users and administrators, developing advanced algorithms to accurately identify signals in the market, creating systems to meet regulatory requirements, and finally validating these systems for accuracy and performance. In this constantly changing landscape, developing, deploying, and maintaining systems is a never-ending task. That perpetual change lends itself to ongoing annual R&D credits. Further, these tend to grow with the size and scope of the company conducting the research.

Chemical Companies

The chemical firm in the study has been developing and manufacturing ecologically friendly personal care products care, household, and industrial usage for more than 35 years.

Construction / MEP

This full-service construction corporation serves clients in both the public and private sectors across the United States. Their people are extremely experienced in engineering, architecture, and construction, enabling them to propose novel methods for each project. Corporate, cultural, healthcare, education, life sciences, residential, retail, and hospitality are all service industries while HVAC Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Plumbing, Sanitary Engineering, and Fire/Life Safety Engineering are all core MEP services.

Consumer Products

With more than 40 years of expertise in manufacturing innovative, high-quality goods, this firm has established itself as a market leader in the bowling industry. The products of this firm are the result of significant investment in highly trained, multi-disciplined team members, cutting-edge testing facilities, and industry-leading manufacturing methods.

Contract Manufacturing

This contract manufacturer focuses on the design and implementation of extremely innovative and bespoke manufacturing procedures for medical devices. Customers bring in previously unmanufactured ideas and, before engaging the firm for contract manufacturing services, seek proof that the business is capable of creating the product.

Financial Services

Founded more than 15 years ago, this mid-sized hedge fund has become one of the most respected names in their industry. The company currently manages approximately $5 billion in assets primarily for pensions, endowments, and foundations. The company’s trading strategies span equities, fixed income, commodities, foreign exchange, credit, and convertible bonds globally.

Food & Beverage

This $70M brewing company produces over 275,000 barrels of beer annually and currently sells in over 42 U.S. states plus Washington D.C.


A game studio based in the US began an extensive research and development effort to make the leap into Virtual Reality (VR) over the course of several years.

Manufacturing & Distribution

This company specializes in de veloping complex and highly sophisticated electronic products including emergency response systems, communic ations systems, data networks, digital m edia hubs, and various technologies for use in urban environments. The company may also design and develop the internal componentry of its products including mechanical, electrical, and software systems. Research is performed by designers, mechanical and electrical engineers, software developers, computer engineers, CNC programmers, CAD designers, machinists, quality control and technicians.

Metal Fabrication

After 40 years in the metal fabrication industry, this business strives to innovate metal fatigue and failure mitigation techniques that are used in the aerospace, automotive, biomedical, chemical, defense, energy, and fitness industries as well as the nuclear and oil & gas, as well as the rail industry.

Mortgage Banking

With over two decades of expertise delivering a variety of cutting-edge loan programs, this mortgage banking firm has developed a reputation as one of the industry's most renowned mortgage bankers. They can create, underwrite, close, and finance loans using proprietary financial software through their countrywide network of branches and loan officers.

Oil & Gas

This case study focuses on a company that has been developing and manufacturing components for use across multiple industries. Those components are custom seals and gaskets and they are not constructed as a high-volume, mass produced product but tailored instead for specific applications on-demand. This company became a leading supplier to the oil and gas industry, taking their production techniques and applying them to the design and manufacture of specialty shields, flange gaskets, and well head gaskets. Today, they offer the most extensive and effective line of oilfield sealing solutions in the industry.

Pharma / Nutraceutical / Bioceutical

This firm has been supporting healthy lives and pet care for more than 25 years via the research and production of high-quality, creative products that are easy to use. Its products have been the subject of extensive laboratory research and clinical trials, which have been published and displayed in medical and veterinary publications as a consequence of the company's leadership position in manufacturing standards including quality control.

Plastics & Injection Molding

This plastics company has been an innovator in the use of industrial plastics in new applications with roots in identifying products that could be produced using plastics. The company offers urethane casting, thermoforming, machining and plastic injection molding services. The company constantly evolves to expand its offerings into new industries and applications.

Saas Platform

A video subscription company needed to make improvements to its current product offering.

Software Development

This company develops specialized digital signage solutions requiring significant software development


If your startup business meets the above-mentioned qualifications, there’s a good chance you can apply for the R&D tax credit.

Tool & Die

When all was said and done, the tool and die manufacturer invested considerable financial and creative resources into the development of their processes and technology in order to emerge as an innovative bellwether in their field with over four decades of experience.