R&D Tax Credits for Mortgage Banking

The mortgage banking industry's reliance on software development has steadily grown in recent years. Fragmented platforms and services crucial for loan processes have driven many companies to develop custom solutions. This trend has positioned the R&D tax credit as a significant tool for tax planning within the industry.

This tax incentive allows companies to recoup substantial amounts, potentially reaching hundreds of thousands of dollars, on existing expenses. Consequently, the R&D tax credit not only encourages innovation but also serves as a valuable financial strategy for mortgage and banking institutions.

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Mortgage Banking
With over 20 years in the mortgage banking industry, this firm has established itself as a market leader offering cutting-edge loan products. The firm has branches and loan officers nationwide, and relies heavily on its proprietary financial software to originate, underwrite, close, and fund loans efficiently and economically.
Combined Federal and State Tax Credits


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R&D Tax Credit Qualification for Mortgage Banking

The company’s unique software platform required extensive research, development, and testing. Developed within an agile framework, the software had various aspects that qualified for R&D credits. This included everything from initial high-level architecture design to active development cycles, often referred to as “sprints.” The company also engaged in rigorous validation processes, involving multiple departments to run newly developed modules through comprehensive testing phases. These activities were pivotal in refining the software and fell under the category of R&D as they led to technological advancements in the mortgage banking industry.

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With our consultative approach to the research and development tax credit, we invest time understanding each client’s history, current business direction, and future growth objectives. Each year we re-evaluate a company’s ability to accept the tax credit and provide on-going recommendations to improve the R&D tax credits process.

We proudly support a recurring service to more than 92% of our clients.