R&D Tax Credits for Contract Manufacturing

Contract manufacturers often hold the misconception that they're ineligible for R&D tax credits due to their focus on production and lack of involvement in final component design. However, this is a common misunderstanding.

In reality, contract manufacturers are highly qualified for these credits thanks to their crucial role in:

  • Developing and refining complex production processes – This often requires extensive experimentation and problem-solving, perfectly aligning with R&D criteria.
  • Creating prototypes and first articles – These activities directly contribute to product development and innovation, both qualifying factors.
  • Validating components and exploring new materials – These efforts involve technical uncertainty and experimentation, key aspects for claiming R&D tax credits.

Furthermore, contract manufacturers can offset costs associated with raw materials and components used in R&D activities, mitigating financial risks and boosting future investments.

case study
Contract Manufacturing
This company is a contract manufacturer focusing on the design and development of production processes for highly specialized medical instruments. Their expertise lies in fulfilling customer designs that are innovative and have never been manufactured before, meeting stringent quality and regulatory requirements. Medical instruments are at the forefront of healthcare innovation but often present unique challenges in terms of R&D tax credits. Dive into this case study to explore how transformed these challenges into financial assets for a contract manufacturing company specialized in medical instruments.
Annual Combined Federal and State Tax Credits


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R&D Tax Credit Qualification for Contract Manufacturers

The company’s R&D efforts span from initial brainstorming sessions to detailed design phases and numerous trial runs. They utilize advanced software like SolidWorks for design, simulation, and feasibility studies. Prototypes undergo destructive testing including tensile and compression tests, with multiple iterations to ensure quality and functionality.

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