R&D Tax Credits for Manufacturing & Distribution

The manufacturing and distribution sector has long been a powerhouse of American innovation, and the R&D tax credit, established in 1981, has played a vital role in this success story. This valuable incentive program benefits a wide spectrum of manufacturers across the country, from those producing everyday consumer goods and food items to companies crafting intricate medical devices, cutting-edge electronics, and life-saving pharmaceuticals.

By incentivizing continuous research and development, the R&D tax credit empowers manufacturers and distributors to:

  • Fuel innovation and technological advancements
  • Maintain a competitive edge in the global marketplace
  • Create high-skilled jobs and contribute to economic growth

As the manufacturing and distribution landscape continues to evolve, the R&D tax credit remains a vital tool for ensuring continued innovation and prosperity in America.

case study
Manufacturing & Distribution
This company specializes in creating complex electronic products such as emergency response and communications systems. The $40 million manufacturing company focuses on cutting-edge innovation. They possess a talented team of designers, mechanical and electrical engineers, software developers, and quality control experts who spearhead their R&D initiatives.
Annual R&D Tax Credits


R&D Expenses


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R&D Tax Credit Qualification for Manufacturing & Distribution

The firm’s multi-stage development process involved several qualifying R&D activities. These activities included brainstorming sessions to establish feasibility, the detailed design and engineering phase, prototyping, and iterative testing. Their work involved resolving uncertainties related to form, fit, material, and performance, all critical steps for successful manufacturing.

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R&D Tax Credits with

With our consultative approach to the research and development tax credit, we invest time understanding each client’s history, current business direction, and future growth objectives. Each year we re-evaluate a company’s ability to accept the tax credit and provide on-going recommendations to improve the R&D tax credits process.

We proudly support a recurring service to more than 92% of our clients.