R&D Tax Credits for Blockchain Development

From crafting innovative consensus algorithms and crypto graphic protocols to developing trustless trading platforms, blockchain developers constantly experiment and push boundaries, activities perfectly aligned with R&D credit eligibility.

In this ever-evolving landscape, tackling challenges and pioneering groundbreaking pioneering ground breaking solutions is the norm, further cementing the industry's claim to these valuable tax benefits.

By leveraging R&D tax credits, blockchain companies can not only fuel their own growth but also contribute to the future of secure and transparent financial systems.

case study
Blockchain Development
The company is a financial technology startup formed in 2020 with an initial team of three employees. Bootstrapped by its owners, the company is deeply involved in developing algorithmic trading strategies using probabilistic models. They specialize in signal identification and the creation of trading algorithms, focusing on the dynamic landscape of cryptocurrency.
Combined Federal & State R&D Tax Credits


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R&D Tax Credit  Qualification for Blockchain Development

In the fast-evolving world of FinTech, this startup qualified for R&D tax credits through several key activities. These included the development of an Alpha Model for market prediction, fine-tuning of trading algorithms, and the creation of a robust data warehousing system. Each of these activities involved substantial technological uncertainties and required iterative testing, making them eligible for significant R&D tax benefits.

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With our consultative approach to the research and development tax credit, we invest time understanding each client’s history, current business direction, and future growth objectives. Each year we re-evaluate a company’s ability to accept the tax credit and provide on-going recommendations to improve the R&D tax credits process.

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