R&D Tax Credits for Aerospace

This aerospace company is a research and analysis services firm specializing in aerospace guidance, navigation, and control (GN&C) design, analysis, integration, and testing. Research and development emphasis is on rendezvous, proximity operations, and capture of in-flight space flight phases, including automated rendezvous and docking.

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The company has extensive experience in crewed and un-crewed spacecraft, encompassing automated and manual flight design with an emphasis on safety and mission success.
Combined Federal and State R&D Tax Credits


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R&D Tax Credit Qualification for Aerospace

This company must maintain state-of-the-art standards, where new technologies are constantly in a state of research and development. Intense research was crucial to understanding the operational purposes and parameters of guidance and spacecraft flight systems that are the basis of contracts with NASA or other entities. Once researched information was processed, and project requirements were assembled, the development team initiated models of spacecraft and flight operations. Once satisfaction with the model was achieved, it was subject to government standards review to ensure compliance with design and operational specifications. The government’s process included system definition, review, preliminary design review, critical design review, and review of operational specifics and parameters. Prototyping, modeling, and testing were iterative and continuous, from the very first conceptual designs that transferred to engineering, to submission for government reviews. Failures had to be remedied before the project could progress.

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