R&D Tax Credit For Startups

Did you know the federal R&D tax credit could benefit your startup business? As a startup owner, you can apply to offset up to $500,000 in payroll tax liability with the research credit.

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What is the R&D Payroll Tax Credit?

The R&D tax credit, also known as the Research & Development tax credit, is a federal tax credit designed for qualified businesses to offset their payroll tax - this includes startups. If you have a startup company that performs research and/or technology development activities, you can apply for up to $500,000 of research credit against income tax liability on your income tax return.

Startup Qualifications for Claiming the R&D Tax Credit

In order to apply for the R&D tax credit, your startup business must:
Have 5 years or less in revenue
Have less than $5 million in revenue in the current year
Have conducted qualifying research activities and expenditures

Additionally, your startup business might qualify if it paid for:

Employees or sub-consultants performing research
Raw materials
Consumable supplies during development
Cloud computing services related to development operations

Qualifying Industries

If your startup business meets the above-mentioned qualifications, there’s a good chance you can apply for the R&D tax credit. It can be applied to a wide variety of industries, including (but not limited to):
Tool & Die
Metal Fabrication
Plastics/Injection Molding
Consumer Products
Architecture & Engineering
Food & Beverage
Financial Services
Mortgage & Banking
Software development
Contract manufacturing
And many others

The Results Speak for Themselves

A software firm was able to claim federal and state tax credits of more than $101,000 on its $2.7 million in yearly revenue.


Total federal and state tax credits


Generated in state credits

How R&D Tax Credit Software Works with GOAT.tax


Simply connect your payroll system, and we'll do the work of bringing your data into our platform.


We will guide you in accurately qualifying your research expenses. We have over 50 tax professionals, ready to provide support.


Our SmartCreditEngine crunches the numbers to make sure you get the maximum tax benefit. Your tax credit study is just a click away.


We’re here to guide you in defending your credits, no matter when an audit takes place.


Accurate Calculation Guarantee


Audit Support

Comprehensive Study Review

If there are any errors in your calculations, we’ll pay your IRS penalties.

Every GOAT.tax study comes with the support of 50+ tax professionals who offer free guidance every step of the way to defend your dollars.

Every GOAT.tax study is reviewed by our R&D tax credit professionals so you don't have to worry that you made a mistake.

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Why GOAT.tax?

GOAT.tax was created for the purpose of educating businesses on the R&D tax credit and assisting companies that qualify for the credit to claim it. Through the 305+ years of collective automating R&D tax credit experience across our nationwide team of over 50 R&D tax professionals, we have been able to take all the guesswork out of this complex tax credit incentive. The experts at GOAT.tax can help your business with automating R&D credit through our innovative platform.
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