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The 2021 SaaS (service as a software) industry is worth an incredible $145 billion, with a projected user spending of $179 billion in 2022. Since Salesforce launched in 1999, the service as a software industry has been constantly evolving, improving, and progressing to increase production, save time, and simplify tasks. With more individuals than ever utilizing the internet for everyday tasks, the amount of independent SaaS developers and small businesses is also exponentially increasing. The result is a SaaS platform for everything, and that shouldn’t go unnoticed.

With heightened risk and climbing development costs, companies are urged to explore any additional cash flow, especially small to medium-sized businesses. For these companies, the R&D tax credit can be the difference between launching or closing. QREs (qualified research expenses) encompass the highest expenses in SaaS development, so if your company is already spending the money, you are entitled to benefit from this program. Developing a service as a software entails technical and financial risk, which the R&D tax credit can help relieve.

$145 billion


18% Increase

In User spending between 2020 and 2021

This is where the R&D tax credit really shines. SaaS is rife with technical and financial risk, which means that the work being done qualifies for the credit

Qualified Research Activities for SaaS Development Companies
Developing new or improved technologies (e.g., new algorithms or methodologies)
Design and development of new or improved software applications and architecture
Internal Use Software development
Developing data mining techniques including big data analysis and processing
Development of document management systems
Development of education-based software
Design and development of CRMs
Design and development of compliance systems
Healthcare system and application development
Development of financial and accounting software
Development of monitoring systems
Development and integration of databases
Developing messaging technologies
Building QA or testing environments
Case Study

SaaS Company

A video subscription company needed to make improvements to its current product offering.

R&D Tax Credit Qualification for Your SaaS Company

The R&D activity at this video subscription service began with defining requirements for an enhanced product. Several internal meetings helped the company to specify the exact new and improved technologies they would incorporate into their 2.0 video subscription product offering. The team consisted of both employees and contractors for engineering and development.

In the first few weeks of the project, they put together a list of specific methodologies and algorithms that would be incorporated into the new video subscription product. Once a list was finalized of the steps they needed to take, they developed improved messaging technologies for communicating with customers, created specific testing environments, and began implementing the new algorithms.

The team rolled out several tests of the video subscription program to evaluate it. Upon further inspection, they designed and developed new, elaborate compliance systems, as well as refined various elements of the customer interface. They also tested the video subscription product for performance and acoustics. The result was a thoroughly updated product with a more user-friendly interface.

The Results Speak for Themselves

Over a 4 year period, this company was able to generate roughly $2MM in total Federal credits and $800K in state credits. This additional working capital has allowed them to expand their organization every year and add significant headcount to their team.


Generated in total Federal credits


Generated in state credits

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Why was created for the purpose of educating businesses on the R&D tax credit and assisting companies that qualify for the credit to claim it.
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Case studies

Utilize your R&D Credit, Regardless Of Your Industry.

The R&D tax credit contributes to the success of a multitude of businesses, with over $19 Billion in annual credits redeemed by companies in over 70 industries.
Industries served
R&D tax credit studies completed
Tax returns with R&D tax credit claims

Game Development

Development of FPS games for the Console, PC, and Mobile markets in addition to creating novel VR & AR Experiences.


Annual Credit


SaaS Platform

Online SaaS platform for analysis of business credit worthiness.


Annual Credit


Blockchain Platform

Development of a new blockchain infrastructure in preparation for ICO.


Annual Credit


Internet of Things

Development of an all-in-one sensor product in addition to a machine learning platform for analyzing data.


Annual Credit


Electronics Manufacturing

Design, development, and rapid prototyping, materials evaluation, and full electromechanical assemblies.


Annual Credit



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