Find out if you qualify

Check your eligibility in 2 steps through our self-guided onboarding process to easily identify an R&D tax credit opportunity.

We understand our users

Our platform is centered on user experience and education. Easily track your R&D tax credit study progress while learning concepts that take tax practitioners years to grasp in minutes.

Our secret sauce

The secret to success is a streamlined workspace for qualified expenses that provides contextual guidance and real-time tax credit projection. Everything in one view. Easy.

Work smart, not hard

We integrate with most payroll providers to save you time, making it easy to complete some of the most time consuming tasks.

More than just a calculation tool

Our platform documents your qualified R&D activities to ensure  compliance with the Four Part Test and the Three Part Test for Internal Use Software

Help when you need it, from real professionals

We provide full support from our team of R&D tax credit experts. Simply use our live chat, support center, or schedule a 1-on-1 meeting.

Signed, sealed, delivered.

Each study includes comprehensive and audit-ready deliverable to substantiate your R&D credit claim, including the credit calculation and relevant federal and state tax forms.

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