About Us

GOAT.tax is powered by Source Advisors, a leading tax consulting firm providing R&D tax credits for almost 4 decades.  Founded on the basic principle that the R&D tax credit should be available to companies of all sizes without fees burdening the benefit.

GOAT.tax automated software platform is backed by 350 years of collective R&D tax credit experience. This is what sets us apart from any other platform. Our people and our experience.

R&D tax credits, redesigned.

Meet GOAT Leadership

We work together, we have fun together, and we go on amazing company retreats every year. We believe that doing what you love is just a part of the equation. It’s about doing what you love with people you respect and enjoy being around.

Deb Roth

Top Brass

Leila Rayburn

Brand Warrior

Riz Malik

Head of Product

Alex Pak

Head of Customer Success

Eric Steele

Chief Revenue Officer

Tony Galman

Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships

Our GOATs who make the magic happen:

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