Riz Malik

Head of Product

Riz Malik is the Head of Product for GOAT.tax software where he is responsible for leading the product vision, development, and roadmap along with assisting clients with onboarding and support. He has over ten years of direct R&D tax credit experience in various industries, including software development, engineering, aerospace, manufacturing, architecture, and video game development. He has helped clients and CPA partners identify and understand R&D opportunities, maximize R&D credit benefits, and document to support the credits claimed. Riz is passionate about utilizing technology to bring automation to manual processes to eliminate inefficiencies and improve business operations. Riz holds a bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance from the University of Massachusetts, and a master’s degree in Information Technology Management from Clark University.

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Riz Malik

Understanding Form 6765: Your Key to Claiming R&D Tax Credits

How To Claim The R&D Tax Credit

To claim the R&D tax credit, taxpayers have two options. Businesses can claim the R&D tax credit on their tax return for a given year or by amending their prior returns to claim the credit.

How an Automated R&D Tax Credit Software Can Benefit Small Business

One often overlooked tax credit is the R&D tax credit, which can provide significant benefits to businesses that engage in research and development activities.