Source Advisors Unveils Innovative R&D Platform

R&D Tax Credit


Deborah Roth, CPA
August 8, 2023

Leading tax consultancy firm, Source Advisors, renowned for its 38-year expertise in providing comprehensive tax solutions, including R&D Tax Credits, Cost Segregation, §179D, §45L, ERC, and LIFO inventory strategies, has introduced This revolutionary automated Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform streamlines the process of claiming research and development tax credits, catering to a diverse range of industries.

Designed with simplicity in mind, boasts a team of over 50 specialized R&D tax credit professionals, simplifying the intricate tax incentive landscape. Its user-friendly interface, combined with seamless integration into payroll systems, ensures a hassle-free experience. The proprietary SmartCreditEngine dynamically computes intricate figures, guaranteeing that every eligible business extracts the maximum possible tax benefit.

Chris Henderson, President of Source Advisors, expressed excitement about this development. "The launch of GOAT. tax signifies a remarkable opportunity for startups and small enterprises to tap into the potential of R&D tax credits. By accommodating industries with more limited research expenditures, complements our existing Source Advisors R&D tax credit practice, tailored for larger clients seeking a consultative approach," Henderson stated.

The platform enables previously overlooked businesses to explore R&D tax credit eligibility, supporting growth and innovation. It aligns with Source Advisors' dedication to offering top-tier services while broadening its market reach.

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About Source Advisors:

With a legacy spanning over four decades, Source Advisors is a cornerstone for CPA firms and clients in optimizing federal and state tax incentives. Headquartered in Fort Worth, TX, the firm collaborates with accounting entities across the nation to facilitate solutions in R&D Tax Credits, Cost Segregation, LIFO, §179D, and §45L. Boasting a global team exceeding 250 professionals, Source Advisors serves illustrious accounting firms, associations, and Fortune 1000 corporations, delivering exceptional outcomes. Supported by Boston's BV Investment Partners since 2022, the company's reputation resonates for consistently achieving remarkable results. For more information, visit:

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