Rachel Bishop and Moi Romero Leading the Charge in R&D Growth

R&D Tax Credit

Deborah Roth, CPA
August 11, 2023

FORT WORTH, TX – Adding to the dynamic force of our R&D Tax Credit consulting team, Rachel Bishop and Moi Romero have assumed pivotal roles, propelling our firm's R&D sector towards exponential growth.

Rachel Bishop, an esteemed CPA with over 17 years of comprehensive R&D Tax Credit expertise spanning diverse industries, became an integral part of our expanding group in May 2021. Her remarkable background includes working with startups as well as Fortune 500 companies. With a notable fourteen-year tenure as Managing Director of Black Line Group's R&D practice, Rachel now brings her wealth of knowledge to GOAT.tax. Collaborating closely with Deb Roth, our Managing Director of R&D, Rachel's presence bolsters our R&D practice, ensuring top-tier outcomes and an unparalleled client journey.

Furthermore, Moi Romero, a veteran of our R&D practice for over a decade, has recently taken the helm of our Tax Controversy division. Moi's expertise, honed over nearly 20 years, centers on federal and state R&D tax incentives, with a strong emphasis on advocacy during examinations and representation throughout appeals.

The remarkable growth of Source Advisors' R&D practice, which has doubled in size since 2012, is evident. Currently comprised of 21 dedicated professionals, we anticipate the addition of several more accomplished team members in the upcoming year.


For over 40 years, GOAT.tax has been a driving force in simplifying R&D tax credits for businesses. With a diverse national team of 50+ experts boasting 350+ years of experience, GOAT.tax provides clarity in tax preparation. This is especially beneficial for SaaS companies, making complex tax credit incentives accessible. In collaboration with Source Advisors, GOAT.tax leverages specialized expertise to navigate R&D tax credits, a proven business growth catalyst, helping 70+ industries claim over $19 billion annually. With 9,800+ R&D tax credit studies, GOAT.tax stands as a reliable partner supported by a network of 50+ professionals. Learn more at www.goat.tax.

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