Exploring R&D Tax Credit Application in the Precast Concrete Sector

R&D Tax Credit

small business

Deborah Roth, CPA
August 3, 2023

Highlights in the Case Study

  • Firm Overview
  • Yearly Earnings: $5 – $10 Million
  • Workforce: 50 – 75

Businesses operating within the Precast Concrete Industry dedicate their efforts to research and innovation, aiming to develop cutting-edge concrete products and streamlined fabrication methods. These advancements contribute to swifter and more cost-effective construction of infrastructure and commercial properties. Entities within this sector invest substantial resources into creating portable concrete components and systems, designed for off-site manufacturing and easy transportation. This approach minimizes on-site excavation requirements and eliminates the necessity for on-site concrete forming.

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Common Challenges When Claiming R&D Tax Credits

Although claiming this credit can offer considerable benefits for companies engaged in R&D efforts, the process can be challenging.

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No Profits, No Problem: R&D Tax Credits Can Help Your Startup

Running a startup is all about innovation and making the most of your resources. But what if you're not yet turning a profit?

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What Happens to Unused R&D Tax Credits?

What happens if you don’t use all your credits in a single year? Don’t worry! The US tax code has you covered.

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