Case Study: Consumer Goods Manufacturing

R&D Tax Credit

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Deborah Roth, CPA
August 4, 2023

Highlights in the Case Study

  • Pioneering New Product Frontiers
  • Elevating Operational Efficiency
  • Mastering Materials and Fabrication
  • Achieving an Aggregate Annual Net Benefit of Nearly $300,000

With over four decades of honing expertise in the realm of innovative consumer goods, this company has solidified its dominance in the bowling sector. The genesis of the company's products can be traced back to substantial investments in a proficient and diverse workforce, cutting-edge testing infrastructure, and unparalleled manufacturing methodologies.

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Section 174 Explained

Section 174 of the Internal Revenue Code now defines the treatment of Specified Research or Experimental (SRE) expenditures. Learn more!

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Common Misconceptions About R&D Tax Credits For Startups

Each year, numerous qualifying businesses miss out on the advantages of R&D tax credits. Discover the common misconceptions.

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Understanding the Alternative Simplified Credit Calculation for R&D

The ASC method offers a simple alternative, particularly for companies with a limited R&D history. Is it the right method for you?

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