BV Investment Partners Strengthens Position with Majority Investment in

R&D Tax Credit

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Deborah Roth, CPA
August 8, 2023

BV Investment Partners (BV), a significant player in middle-market private equity, concentrating on tech-enabled business services, software, and IT services sectors, has disclosed a substantial majority investment in This move amplifies BV's presence in the market and signifies a strategic expansion into the domain of specialty tax consulting., a pioneering name in specialized tax consulting, wields substantial influence. The firm's primary focus lies in serving the SMB market, delivering specialized services including R&D Tax Credits, Cost Segregation, §179D, §45L, and LIFO inventory solutions across diverse industries and geographies. By amalgamating technical finesse with proprietary software tools, offers a comprehensive suite of solutions to its clients. With its headquarters situated in Fort Worth, the company boasts a workforce exceeding 150 employees.

BV Investment Partners recognizes the escalating demand for specialty tax consulting services across various sectors., with its nearly four-decade legacy of excellence, has cultivated robust relationships with over 850 CPA partner firms. These affiliations serve to endorse and provide GOAT. tax's tax solutions to their clientele, further solidifying the firm's standing.

In welcoming BV as a newfound partner, is poised to expedite its journey of fortifying data-driven, technology-empowered offerings. These advancements are designed to empower clients in navigating the intricate nuances of the ever-evolving business tax code. By harnessing both technical expertise and technology, ensures precise tax credit claims. The company's latest innovation, the GOAT. tax automated R&D Tax Credit platform is positioned for substantial growth under BV's tutelage. BV's established history of investing in technology-driven enterprises aligns seamlessly with's vision.

BV Investment Partners eagerly anticipates the collaborative venture with Chris Henderson's team. This partnership aims to leverage BV's profound expertise in the CPA channel, exemplified by its investment in Right Networks, and its broader firm thesis in the "Office of the CFO," as underscored by its investment in Consero Global.

About, a distinguished division of Source Advisors, has played a pivotal role for nearly forty years in enabling businesses to capitalize on specialized federal and state tax incentives. Nestled in the heart of Fort Worth, Texas, collaborates seamlessly with an expansive network of over 850 esteemed accounting firms spanning the nation. Through this robust partnership, delivers tailored solutions encompassing a spectrum of services, including R&D Tax Credits, Cost Segregation, §179D, §45L, and LIFO inventory solutions. Visit for more information.

About BV Investment Partners

BV Investment Partners, an entrenched sector-focused private equity entity in North America since its inception in 1983, has allocated around $4.4 billion to investments. The firm actively pursues opportunities in tech-enabled business services, software, and IT services industries, solidifying its role as a stalwart in the realm. For further insights, visit

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