Pharma / Nutraceutical/ Bioceutical R&D Tax Credits

When a new formulation or a modified formulation is used, the time spent on its development, testing, and validation during the initial production runs might be considered qualified.

Tax credit potential for research and development exists in a wide variety of industries, including the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and bioceutical industries. The work of chemists, process engineers, as well as quality engineers is among the most visible fields of research and development. Secondary expenditures associated with research and development, such as support personnel, computer leasing fees, and consumable supplies or raw materials that are required throughout the development process, are sometimes underestimated. In addition to the time and money spent on batch formulations throughout the scale-up manufacturing process, there are other costs and time constraints to consider. When a new formulation or a modified formulation is used, the time spent on its development, testing, and validation during the initial production runs might be considered qualified.

Pharmaceutical/ Nutraceutical/ Bioceutical Industry Qualified Research Activities

The development or enhancement of formulations to enhance shelf-life, response time, effectiveness, or uniformity are all possibilities
Testing out a variety of alternative materials and construction methods
Developing assays
Development or betterment of manufacturing processes, including the scaling up of production batches
Experiments in scaling up from a lab setup to a production setting
Formula testing to see to it that regulatory requirements are complied with
Design and implementation of automated manufacturing processes
Research and development of active substances to achieve specified results.
Designing and developing innovative package solutions and manufacturing processes
Establishment of a pilot facility for the production of validation batches of novel formulations.
Quality control procedures and activities
Case Study

Case Study on Pharmaceutical / Nutraceutical / Bioceutical

This firm has been supporting healthy lives and pet care for more than 25 years via the research and production of high-quality, creative products that are easy to use. Its products have been the subject of extensive laboratory research and clinical trials, which have been published and displayed in medical and veterinary publications as a consequence of the company's leadership position in manufacturing standards including quality control.

Qualification for R&D Tax Credits

in the Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, and Bioceutical Industries

The design and development cycle of the company began when a customer or internal employee identified a need for new or enhanced goods, or when fresh scientific industry data was uncovered via a literature search and added to the company's knowledge base. Once a study project began, other personnel, like Formulation Scientists and Food Technologists, would be taken on board. Quality Control was also brought in to guarantee that the study was proceeding by corporate and industry standards in terms of documentation, design control, and other processes, among other things. Research projects have included the examination of the pharmacokinetics of the components in various species and this established whether or not the substance was safe for cats, dogs, horses, humans, and other animals to consume. It will also assist assess the efficacy of the product as well as the most effective form of the final product - liquid, pill, powder, or another shape. Following that, a proper testing methodology is devised, and assays are created during the subsequent stage of product development. The development of a suitable assay was frequently a difficult undertaking. It is necessary to document the findings of tests once the right assay technique has been identified and confirmed to be accurate. Products frequently fail to test, necessitating a redesign of the product's components to ensure success. A continuous cycle between formulation and assessment was used in this testing method until the test criteria were completed through product modifications. The package design step was also included in the testing phase. For example, if the strength of the product is reduced after only a month, the amount contained in one box would be decided by this factor. All of these efforts were considered to be a competent scientific investigations.

Results Speak for Themselves

By concentrating on education and being a partner in the research and development process, Source Advisors has been able to establish a ten-year relationship with the company, with studies performed every year. A cumulative federal and state tax credit of more than $600,000 was earned by one corporation in the most recent fiscal year as a result of its eligible research efforts.


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